Low Code Airflow


After creating the schedule, you should come to the configurations screen from the triple-dot menu.

Here you will find some pre-defined configurations:

  • dag_id: The dag id to be used for creating the Airflow DAG for this schedule
  • timezone/start_date: This is when the schedule (== Airflow DAG) would start running from. A caveat here is that Airflow triggers the first after one interval has passed after the start date.
  • schedule_interval: The interval of the schedule. You can use cron expressions here. Some short-hands are also supported:

Apart from the pre-defined configurations, you can also specify your own configurations here.

Here you see multiple tabs. The first tab is Common. Here you can define your custom configurations with their default values. After the Common tab, you have one tab per fabric (environment). There you can overwrite the config variables with different values. This kind of design lets you have e.g. different schedule intervals on different fabrics.

The configurations you define are available as config.<var-name> in the components.