Which all branches are synchronized?

Only the master, developer and release branches are synchronized.

Are PRs and issues synchronized?

No, only git commits in the above mentioned branches are synchronized.

What if I make commits to the git service from outside the Prophecy application?

Users can do that to master branch but not to developer and release branches. Any commits to developer and release branches from outside Prophecy application will be over-written.

Which git service providers are supported?

Any git provider which supports personal access token can be used. This includes Github, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps.

How can I set the default branch name to something other than master?

This will be supported by Q2 2021.

Can I rename branches? I don’t want to follow the branching nomenclature that Prophecy suggests.

This will be supported by Q2 2021.

What happens if the user supplies the path of a non-empty directory for synchronization? Will Prophecy override the contents of the directory?