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Low-code SQL

Low-Code SQL, brings a new way to develop data models in SQL through a visual interface. Visual = Code allows both SQL coders and business users to easily collaborate on the same project. Business users can visually create their data models, with all their work automatically turning into high-quality code on Git. Engineers can use SQL and advanced macros through a code-based editor, with Prophecy parses their code and visualizes it on an editable canvas and ensuring both views remain in sync at all times.

At any step of the process, data users can interactively run their models to make sure they're going in the right direction Projects built through Prophecy are stored in the dbt Core format as repositories on Git, which allows data teams to follow the best software engineering practices for CI/CD. Data users can import an existing dbt Core project or start from scratch. They can publish those projects to other teams or subscribe to already existing ones.


Coming soon: Please watch this space for more detailed documentation on Low code SQL