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Data Explorer

The Data Explorer feature empowers users to explore and analyze their data samples directly within the user interface (UI). With this feature, users can gain insights, verify data accuracy, and make informed decisions by leveraging the following capabilities:


  • Filter and Sort Options: Users can now apply filters and sort rows based on any column, providing enhanced visibility and improved data analysis.

Please note that after applying or modifying any filter or sort criteria, you need to click the Run button to update the displayed data.

  • Reset Applied Filters and Sort: Users have the option to easily reset any applied filters and sorting settings by clicking on original.
  • Column Visibility Filtering: By clicking on the ellipsis ... icon, users can conveniently filter the columns visible in the UI. No need to rerun the process to reflect these changes in the UI.
  • Load More Rows and Total Count: Previously, only a sample of 40 rows was displayed. Now, users can load more rows to view and assess a larger Dataset. Additionally, the total count of rows and columns is visible, providing a comprehensive overview of the data.
  • Download Data: Users can now download the data visible in the UI in CSV format using the dedicated download button.

Experience seamless data exploration and analysis with the Data Explorer feature, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and understand their data directly from the user interface.