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Prophecy API

Prophecy metadata available through the Prophecy API

Prophecy users can access their metadata using the Prophecy API. To access these APIs, users just create a Personal Access Token (PAT). Try accessing the Prophecy GraphQL Schema. One popular use case is to access Prophecy metadata through automated scripts and integrate this data into an existing data visualization system.

Personal Access Token (PAT)

A Personal Access Token(PAT) is the token which customer can use for authentication to our API servers. This will enable customers to use PAT in their scripts and integrate Prophecy seamlessly to their data visualization ecosystem.

Generate a PAT

Create and Manage API tokens from the Access Tokens tab in the Prophecy UI Settings page. Also, check token usage and expiry. Please copy the token you have generated, as this will not be displayed on Prophecy UI again. You can use this token for Accessing any Read/Write APIs to access Metadata, Lineage, etc.

Please note, These tokens are per user and will inherit all the Access from that user.


Get the Prophecy GraphQL Schema

Use this short guide to get started with Postman by importing Prophecy's graphql schema.

  1. Install Postman
  2. Create a new GraphQL request postman_new_graphql_request.png
  3. Enter the GraphQL API endpoint as the URL
  4. Go to the Headers Tab and enter X-Auth-Token for the key and your API token as the value postman_headers_token2.png
  5. Go to the Schema Tab and refresh the schema using GraphQL Introspection postman_refresh_schema.png
  6. Go to the Query Tab to see the schema postman_schema_available.png

Ask about details for additional Prophecy API Endpoints to create a single pane of glass interface for data stewards and engineers to see Pipelines, Datasets, Lineage, etc.