Visual workflows are code

Prophecy development produces high quality code on Git whether the developers use visual editor or code editor for development. The development process is based on simple Git workflow using branches and commits.

Inspect Code in IDE

When you’re developing workflows using the Visual Editor,

you can click Code tab and see the code that is being developed.

Inspect Code in Metadata

You can click Metadata and click on the same workflow to see this code as it exists in the embedded Git repo

Run code from Git directly

All workflows developed using Prophecy are stored as standard Spark/Databricks code. Optionally, the code can be downloaded, tested, built into a jar, and run on any Spark cluster directly.

mvn test
mvn compile
mvn package

You can get the code in two ways

  • Download from Metadata: Metadata screen for a Project has a Code tab has a download button on Git
  • Connect to your Git: Prophecy connected to your Git pushes all changes to your Git, you can just pull your code