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May 2023 (May 17, 2023)

  • Prophecy Python libs version: 1.5.1
  • Prophecy Scala libs version: 7.0.24

Minor Improvements

Job filter support in PBT

Users can now filter the jobs and just release selected JobIds with PBT. When releasing only selected Jobs using this filter, Prophecy Build tool will figure out automatically what pipelines are being used by the Job and only build those. Please find more details of this enhancement here.

User can find the JobId on the Jobs details page in the bottom right corner as shown below.


Gem updates

Added support for keeping only distinct rows in Deduplicate Gem. More details are updated here.

RestAPIEnrich Gem is enhanced to parse the response automatically based on the sample record provided in the Gem.

Group select gems to batch changes like phase

Users can now select multiple gems at a time and update phase for all of them together. They can also delete the selected gems by single click.


Ability to add comments on Gems in UI

Users can now add detailed comments on their Gems on UI. They can use this to add more detailed description to let others know about what that Gem is actually doing. Please note, these comments right now are shown in UI only and are not reflected in generated code.


UX update on Merge conflict resolution screens

Added a button at the top of merge conflict resolution that lets you choose all changes from left or right side instead of clicking each toggle individually.

Added warning before deleting branch from local and remote

User would now see a warning before deleting the branch from local/remote. Please see below video for example.


Support for Unit tests with Lookups through PBT

Previously due to Prophecy-libs dependency, unit tests for Pipelines having Lookup Gems were failing when Run through Prophecy Build tool. Prophecy has now added support in pbt test command to download required dependencies from maven central. User can additionally pass --driver-library-path as a parameter to pbt test command to override to some custom path.