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Use External Release tags in Prophecy

If you use external CI-CD tools like Github or Jenkins to merge and release your projects, you can use release tags from those tools in Prophecy for deployment and dependencies. Once you've deployed the tags via Prophecy, you can add them as a dependency to your Projects.

Any externally created release tag that you pull into Prophecy is visible on Releases and Deployments.


Tags that are created externally are labeled with an (1) External tag. If your latest tags aren't showing, click on the (2) Refresh button to refresh the list of tags.

Deploy an External Release tag

To deploy an existing tag, follow these steps:

  1. From ... in the top right corner, select (1) Deploy.


    This opens up the Deploy dialog.

  2. Select a release version you wish to deploy by using the (1) Choose a release dropdown. Once you select a version, the table below shows the Jobs that are going to be modified.


    1. Optional: You can override the Fabric for all Jobs, or if you have enabled Selective Job Deployment, then you can pick the Jobs you wish to deploy. For more details about these settings, see Selective Job Deployment.

    2. Click (2) Deploy to start the deployment. The deployment process is shown.


You can access these deployment logs from the Deployment History tab.

Use External Release tag for dependencies

Once you've deployed a tag, you can use it as a dependency in an existing Project.

To add a tag as a dependency, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the (1) Dependencies tab in the Project you want to add dependency in, and click on (2) + Add Dependency.


    This opens up the Create Dependency dialog.

  2. Select the following fields:

    1. Select Package Hub Dependency as the (1) Type.
    2. Select the (2) Name of the Project.
    3. Select the (3) Version you want for the dependency.

    Click (4) Create Dependency to save.


Similarly, you can also edit the dependency and update the version to an externally released version.


How does Prophecy support tags from a repo that is linked to multiple Prophecy Projects?

A Git tag is a pointer to a specific commit in the repo. It's not linked to a subfolder in the repo. So in this case, if you create a tag, it would be available for all Projects linked to the repo.

Do the tags have to follow a certain pattern to be recognized?

No. Prophecy supports all tag patterns supported in Git. Prophecy automatically recognizes external tags after you visit the Release and Deployment page or refresh the page.