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Getting Started

Prophecy offers a few different ways to sign up: public SaaS or private installation in the customer's VPC.

Prophecy's public SaaS offering on the cloud

  • Prophecy's Enterprise trial - try out Prophecy's software-as-a-service offering free for for 21 days. Connect to your data, or opt for the Prophecy-provided Databricks account. Signup

  • Prophecy via Databricks Partner Connect - try out Prophecy's SaaS offering via an existing Databricks account. The following video shows how to get started with Prophecy using Partner Connect from your Databricks UI.

Prophecy's private offering installed in customer VPC

  • Prophecy's Private Cloud - reach out to explore Prophecy's Private cloud offering in your VPC. The installation is very simple, takes about 20 minutes (with a confirmation popup), and billing starts after 30 days.

Next steps

Prophecy can connect to your data wherever it resides, in various formats and storage options. Learn about Prophecy concepts, read more about deployment options, or reach out to start a conversation today!